Gucci Mane- I Told You ft. Young Thug


Woptober is over but that doesn’t mean Gucci Mane’s done giving just yet. Like most American retail stores, Gucci shifted straight from Halloween right into the next big deal, which for him is his next project, The Return of East Atlanta Santa. Late Monday evening he shared his latest collaboration with his protege Young Thug titled “I Told You.”
The song comes produced by Zaytoven and Mike Will Made-It with a flowing arrangement of keys and melodies that create a perfect playground for the two word-bending Atlanta MCs. Guwop opens the track with his usual array of wildly colorful thoughts.
“They say that I’m country but I’m number one in the country

It’s no need to tell me, I know you lil n****s is hungry

Mike Will and Zay beat, I’ma ride that b*tch just like a 10 speed

My chick is a dime piece

I bought her some shoes that cost 10 G’s

These b*tches is grimy, befriending my b*tch to get round me”
His verse is short but so sweet it seems like he’s giving a wink and nod as if to show he can do his thing without breaking a sweat. Young Thug picks up where his mentor leaves off by firing off a lengthy hook and verse both built around short, packed bursts of words. He’s just as clever with his though, sprinkling rich humor (“Drive the Wraith, when it rain for the umbrellas”) in his lines to prove he’s just as adept as his mentor. Ultimately, “I Told You” is just another example of how far ahead of their would be competition these two are and a nice way to serve notice they’re going to stay there for a while to come.



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