Meek Mill- OOOUUU (Remix) ft. Omelly, Takbar & Beanie Sigel) ( The Game Diss)


It didn’t take too long for Meek Mill to drop a diss track aimed at The Game in the form of “OOOOUUU Remix” featuring Omelly and Beanie Sigel.

Image result for meek millmeek-mill-beanie-sigel-game-beef

Seems the Philly rapper learned his lesson from his beef with Drake when it took him over a week to respond to Drake diss tracks. By then the OVO emcee had released two diss tracks and was getting ready to release a third.

Last week The Game released a diss track for Meek “92 Bars” just hours after dissing him on stage calling him a snitch. While Meek Milly has strongly denied Game’s accusation, he is also not trying to take another L so it took him only a few days to respond with a diss track.

Image result for meek mill

Check out some of the lyrics from Meem Mill remix of Young M.A’s “OOOUUU” (The Game diss).

Ni**as said that we beefin’, prolly ain’t gon’ see ’em
I’m just pushin’ them buttons on ’em and they gon’ leave him
Durk checked you (what else?), Thug sonned you (what else?)
Fif dropped you (what else?), Mac warned you (what else?)
Strippers turned rappers look what we come to
You a fa**ot, my lady’ll never f*** you
G-A-M-E, please don’t tempt me
Four pound with the lemon squeeze like simply
Ridin’ dirty sippin’ on that eight like Pimp C




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