Young Thug Teases New ‘Jeffery’ Release Date With Hilarious Trailer






Young Thug was set to release his new project Jeffery on his birthday, August 16, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the Atlanta rapper had to delay its release.

Deciding that he only needed a few weeks to put the final touches on Jeffery, Thugga will now drop his highly anticipated project on August 26. In an effort to promote the new release date, Thugga unveiled an oddly (intentionally?) hilarious trailer for the project.

The 60-second teaser features Thugga in a dark interrogation room with the Feds repeatedly asking him his “real” name. Thugga responds “My name is Jeffery,” which is not good enough for the “12,” who only know him as Young Thug.

By the end of the trailer, you’ll be laughing hysterically every time you hear Thugga say “No, my name is Jeffery.”





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