Bow Wow & Erica Mena Blast Each Other On Social Media Again


BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Show


Since their split last year, the former couple has gone back and forth on social media numerous times, but now Erica Mena is spilling all the tea on how she really feels about Shad Moss.

In an interview with VladTV, the former Love & Hip Hop star said although she tries to ignore her ex’s posts, she still feels sorry for him at times: “Since leaving that situation, it doesn’t really get attention from me or a reaction. I’ll hear or see under my hashtag how he’s re-posting a list of women he’s been with and bragging about it and I just feel sorry. It’s annoying to wake up one day to see pictures of me that he posts on his Facebook to try and make you guys believe that we’re still together. I’m always thrown off by him.”

She continued on about the miscarriage she had while still engaged to Shad and the real reason they broke up, saying, “I went through that by myself. Me and friends and family. It was difficult, but it was also a learning lesson. You never know who someone really is until real s— hits the fan.  “We broke up ‘cause I left. I left because, it’s no secret, I’ve been through a lot in my life. It’s kind of hard being with someone who is more damaged than you are.”





When that uhaul pulled up and i watched you go… #imadethecallyounevercalledshots

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