Wiz Khalifa- Bad Influence

Wiz Khalifa wants a “Bad” one.

Hot on the heels of his Taylor Gang collaboration “Isaac Hayes,” Wiz Khalifa unleashes “Bad Influence,” a brand new solo track produced by Sledgren.

“Come to these broads, I be stick and movin’,” raps Mister Cap. “Don’t ever talk it if I didn’t do it / I’m ridin’ ’round, bumpin’ on some new shit / Looking for a bad broad to cruise with.”

While the song title is “Bad Influence,” Wiz focuses his attention mainly on the “baddest” girls he can find. “I’m trying to leave with the baddest one in here,” he sings on the hook.

Wiz and his fellow Taylors are gearing up for the release of their Taylor Gang Vol. 1 mixtape, which Wiz promises will be “crazy.”

For now, listen to “Bad Influence” below.



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