OG Maco X Rome Fortune- YEAH!


Now that Rome Fortune has dropped his debut album Jerome Raheem Fortune on Fool’s Gold and toured North America off the strength of it, what else is Rome to do but make more music? The Atlanta native recently revealed to fans that he’s bringing back his Beautiful Pimp mixtape series for the third installment (no word if it’s the final, though). He’s already dropped two new songs since the announcement, and after teaming up with Tunji Ige for “Damn” he’s back today giving us the premiere of another collaboration with a different frequent collaborator, OG Maco. Back in January 2015 you’ll recall they released a joint EP,  Yep. And what is “YEAH!” if not another way of saying “Yep,” amirite??


Brandon Thomas cooks up a busy beat: electronic noises, the sound of a money counter and swooshes abound while Maco and Rome list reasons why they’re winning. This song may or may not land on Beautiful Pimp 3.


New Maco and Fortune!  Club Banger! 



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