Playboi Carti – WHAT ft. Unotheactivist (Cameo by A$AP Rocky)

Carti (Far Left) Unotheactivist (Far Right)

Playboi Carti recently appeared on Lil Uzi Vert’s “Left, Right,” following which the two announced a short stint of “Left, Right” tour dates. The rapper returns today with a loose cut “What” featuring Uno, featured on the newly-launched AWGE Soundcloud.

The record, produced by Chris Fresh and 808 Mafia, features their recognizable siren and some menacing organ keys; while Carti keeps a constant string of ‘what’s’ coming throughout the record. It’s not the most polished song, but a banger all the same.

If you missed our On The Come Up episode with Carti watch it below– he speaks on prepping a mixtape and signing with A$AP Rocky.

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