Desiigner Turns Timmy Turner Freestyle Into a Song With Travis Scott and Mike Dean



In less than a week’s time, Desiigner’s 2016 XXL Freshmen Freestyle has amassed nearly 3 million views. Unofficially labeled as a Timmy Turner freestyle after the Fairly Odd Parents character that Desiigner repeatedly references, the 45 second clip, included above, has gained so much attention in fact that the Brooklyn rapper is readying an official release of the track, and has added some high-profile G.O.O.D. Music names to it along the way.

A tweet published on Tuesday (June 28) shows Desiigner with Kanye’s go-to engineer Mike Dean as the two spark up, listening a recorded version of “Timmy Turner.” The track, which as well will feature Travis Scott, is expected to drop soon, with Desiigner’s unrestrained enthusiasm, a trademark for the young rapper, coming through the screen.

Nailing down any specific lines or couplets from the track proves to be a tricky task as the New English rapper forgoes enunciation for a more ominous sounding flow. The titular character serves as inspiration for the hook, as Desiigner says that he’s “wishin’ for a burner” the same way that Timmy Turner wishes for any number of fantastical items or abilities.

Following the original release of his Freshman Freestyle, several remixes to Desiigner’s acapella began to emerge on SoundCloud. If anything, the clips viral traction is an indication of Desiigner’s online appeal, and the G.O.O.D. signee looks to be capitalizing on the intrigue. Peep his original freestyle up top, with the clip of he and Dean included below.

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