DJ Khaled -I Got The Keys ft. Jay Z & Future

One of the crown jewels of DJ Khaled‘s tireless promotional run in 2016 has been the teasing of his new single, “I Got the Keys,” featuring Jay Z and Future, which is quite the unlikely pairing. However, given Khaled’s relationships with both–he’s signed to Roc Nation, and has been a close collaborator of Future’s for many years–he happened across the opportunity to bring them together.

That’s resulted in not only one of the most high profile collaborations in recent memory, but a rare Jay Z music video appearance, where he performs alongside Future, Khaled, and a host of Hip Hop stars like T.I., Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes and more. Though Hov and Hendrix are the song’s only vocalists, for weeks Roc Nation’s Lenny S., Khaled, Future and more have been teasing photographs of the aforementioned stars positioned throughout the video along with several more. Lenny said it himself on Instagram when he declared that Khaled had created something “epic” with the video for his hyped new heater.
Tonight, just minutes after the conclusion of the BET Awards, Khaled will unleash his new visual to the world, and “epic” appears to be the most appropriate adjective. Just a day after celebrating the 20-year-anniversary of his legendary debut, Reasonable Doubt, Hov returns to form, and Future continues his incredible run.

The Source

The Source stamped it! I think the song is a hit Dj Khaled definitely got him one! This is definitely a banger! 

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The video will be posted on this page tomorrow!



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