Samaria- Love Me Crazy ft. Kehlani


Samaria is a 20-year-old singer from Oakland who’s achieved a healthy buzz off the strength of her latest mixtape, The Story of Right Now, released at the end of last year. For her new single, she’s linked up with one of her hometown’s biggest stars in Kehlani. On “Love Me Crazy,” both artists look back on past relationships and channel an intoxicating mix of conflicting feelings. They’re glad to be out of toxic relationships while also missing the security that comes with being in love.

“Love Me Crazy” is produced by DTB, who worked on much of The Story of Right Now. The backdrop is mostly ambient with a quiet air of suspense, but during the spaces in between the singing, DTB floods the track with a thrilling drop of distorted bass and pitched-up vocal samples. Samaria uses her chilling vocals to express the hurt of going through a bad break up, and Kehlani uses those same feelings to gear herself up for a cathartic encounter with a new lover.



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