2Chainz- 100 Joints



2 Chainz challenges Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric in the black-and-white clip for single “100 Joints.” The song is one of 2 Chainz’s solo cuts onColleGrove, a largely collaborative album he made with Lil Wayne.



“Muslim Americans live their day to day life just like all other Americans,” the screen reads at the end of the video. “They are not all terrorist that hate America.”The video opens with two quotes directly pulled from Trump and his website that point to Muslims and Muslim-Americans as a direct threat to the country. From there, the video shifts to a Muslim-American family going through a normal day, from eating breakfast to running errands. 2 Chainz is seen wearing an agal and keffiyeh in the video as well.


ColleGrove was released in March with over half the LP existing as a collaborative effort between the 2 Chainz and Wayne. Last November, 2 Chainz announced that his next solo album would be titled BC (Before Chainz), though he has not indicated a release date yet.



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