Donna White – Stress (Video)


Nobody can take what God has for me I know my time is coming. No need to compete, hate, or envy anyone. Patience is key. If Instagram, Facebook and Twitter shut down today I’ll still be standing because I put in the groundwork. I passed out CDs in the hood and I’ve been told NO more than I’ve ever been told YES and I hustled! I just wanna be labeled as one of the greatest in the city, I give back and make my people proud. – The Gorgeous Gangster


Donna White is definitely doing her thing with her music! She pours her feelings on her tracks in hopes of her peers obtaining the message. The only female rapper that caught my attention with her latest mixtape Poor Little Rich Girl 2 which can be downloaded now on Spinrilla. The Gorgeous Gangster  shot a video for her intro titled “Stress” which is shot by Wikidfilms

I’m rocking with her craft ! Press play below and open your mind! 

Download Poor Little Rich Girl 2 on Spinrilla !



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