Big Sean Buys Lunch For Strangers

The New 95.7 The Spot

By Philip Cosores

Big Seanthe rapper, Big Sean the tabloid celebrity, Big Sean the?guacamole philanthropist?

Before his performanceat Madison Square Garden last Tuesday, Sean stopped by a well-known Mexican food chain and treated a bunch of strangers to lunch.Elle Magazinewas there to document the occurrence, sharing a short video of Sean?s time as a quesadilla Robin Hood.

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Initially, it would seem, the store denied their request to provide free lunch, so Sean and co. decided to go ?rogue.? He walks in, heads straight to the excited cashiers (who immediately begin snapping pics) and makes clear that he?ll be buying lunch for everyone in the joint. He tells a guy whose lunch he?s just bought that wants people to extend the charitable feeling on to others: ?I’ve been trying to show people that you can…

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