Mac Miller is Back | Releases “100 Grandkids” From Upcoming Album

Waffle & Vibes

[Image from HypeTrak]

Mac Miller has taken over the Internet tonight. Alongside his appearance on Dash Radio, Miller has confirmed his third LP, GO:OD AM, set to be released on September 18th. The album cover appropriately features a yawning Miller, who’s likely a bit exhausted after tearing through nine other albums along the way to crafting his major-label debut:


Late last year, Miller left his longtime home of Rostrum Records and made an effort to partner with Warner Bros. Records, which took the multi-alias artist and his label REMember under their wing. The 23-years-young and already hip-hop veteran unveiled the first single off his upcoming 17-track project, “100 Grandkids.” Another song title, “Break the Law,” can be found on the otherwise mysterious track-list. Make sure to check out the trippy-yet-refreshing visuals for “100 Grandkids” below.

But wait, there’s more!

Mac also announced a series of album release shows that kicks-off in his hometown of Pittsburg, hits major cities like Hollywood and…

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