An Emotional Lamar Odom Breaks His Silence & Threatens To Spill All The Secrets

Global Grind

Lamar Odom is pissed off that his reputation has been ruined, and he wants everyone to know he’s not a stalker.

Yesterday we reported that Lamar jumped out of a car and ambushed Khloe outside the gym. Well, the former NBA champion player may have been accused of verbally attacking his ex-wife outside of a Soul Cycle class, but he wants everyone to know he was set up. During a very emotional chat with TMZ, Lamar told them he lives in Las Vegas, so how would he just know where Khloe is unless someone told him?

But an enraged Lamar went off … denying he stalked her, touched her or ambushed her — and in a powerful rant says the meeting was actually prearranged with Khloe. He’s hurt that she’s not standing up for him. Even further, he threatens to spill secrets — whose, he doesn’t say…

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