The Daily Word: Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Star Shunned By Cast Mates

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Looks like things are getting interesting this season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Producers of LHHH have casted Milan Christopher, who happens to be an openly gay rapper. For three weeks, Milan has been filming. He believes his rapper cast mates are all shunning him. According to TMZ, a few of the rappers on the show are upset with the producers for casting him. Not because he is gay, but because he doesn’t have any rap credentials. They think that he was hired to raise the ratings on the show.

Miles and Milan

Milan labels himself as a rapper/model. He has worked with big rappers but mostly as writer. It has got out that at least three of the rapper cast have told producers that they don’t wish to film with Milan Christopher; they won’t show up for any parties or events if he is present. Petty much. Whoever the rappers…

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