Migos Accused Drake Of Biting Their Signature ‘Migos Flow’



While Drake may have just got out of the woods with Meek Mill, now he’s got someone else chipping away at his authenticity. While it’s true that biting off of other people’s flows in hip-hop is way more common than you’d think, it’s not too often that you’d put someone on blast for it. Especially if you considered that someone your friend.

But that’s exactly what Migos did during a long interview with Billboard this week. Quavo and Takeoff were asked about a wide range of things, from their new album Yung Rich Nation to police brutality to the new N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton to their currently-imprisoned third member, Offset. However, one topic in particular stood out, and that was the issue of people biting their signature Migos flow:

There’s a lyric on “Migos Origin” that says ‘Your favorite rapper he be biting.’ That’s a very relevant line…

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