Drake, Lebron, Mayweather, Messi, or Bill Gates? – Vegetarian diet Day 2


In the new found spirit of blogging, i’m going try to switch it up from last time.

Starting with this Poll which you’ll see below. “What celeb will you become if all got exact same income. Status may defer, but exact account balance :)” In other words, if you decide to set income aside what sort of personal status will you like to attain. This is open to various interpretations. I understand the poll is masculine and i’ll be making a female version on a later date. However, everyones input is very much welcomed as well as comments.

A quick preview of what they look like. You can take a moment to imagine yourself in their bodies on stage, stadium, boxing ring or wherever, before you vote.

You could be MAYWEATHER, one of the greatest boxers of our time. Large ego and status.


You could well be BILL GATES, founder…

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