Yasiin Bey Says Nicki Minaj Better Than Drake & Meek Mill


“You had Kanye out at the Pan-Am games sweating and going hard as one of the athletes,” Yasiin Bey says. “He threw that mic in the air so hard it never came down.”

Yasiin Bey took the stage in Montreal to deliver a stand-up comedy set rife with punchlines targeting Hip Hop’s biggest names.

The artist formerly known as Mos Def referenced the Drake and Meek Mill feud.

“The male ego can be a very boring place,” Yasiin Bey says during his set. “I feel bad for Nicki Minaj. Damn she’s in the middle of these two rap niggas…I hope she call both of them and curse them out, cuz secretly she’s a better rapper than both of them.”

Bey’s claims that Nicki is better at rap then her work partner Drake and her boyfriend Meek Mill were greeted with laughter from the crowd.

Elsewhere in the performance, titled “Happy Birthday!…

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