The BeyHive Comes For Jhene Aiko After She Tweets About Beyonce & Drake’s Artistry

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Jhene Aiko Visits Music Choice's 'You & A'

One thing about that Beyhive ? they just don?t let up.

No one is safe with them, and Jhene Aiko is their latest victim. The songstress got herself into the mix when she was on Twitter earlier this week, and responded to a fan who made a comment about Drake not being a real ?artist? and Beyoncenot writing her own music.

Instead of replying with an opinionated answer, Jhene posted the dictionary definition of the word ?artist,? not knowing that the words  ?trickery? and ?deceit? were included.

Fans took the tweet the wrong way and accused Jhene of calling Drake and Beyonce experts at trickery. After being slandered by the Beyhive on social media, Jhene responded:

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