What Yeezy Taught Me…About Life


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that a person like me (perceived 95 percent of the time as an asshole) would have an unprecedented love for a man like Kanye West. I’ve loved him since the seventh grade, listening to “The College Dropout” on my first generation iPod, mesmerized. People hate Kanye. Whatever. Hate Kanye. If you’re only hating on him based on a few arrogant moments that were blown up in the media through out the years, though, I urge you to pull your head out of your ass and look further into Ye’s creative soul.

(Kanye’s face when you think he gives a fuck about your opinion)

I don’t only love Kanye because we are both perceived as assholes, both have the same passionate love for Kim Kardashian, and for giving us God’s greatest treasure, North West.

(Thank you Yeezus for producing this cute little sassy diva. Expecting…

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