Report: LeBron James, Paul George will attend Team USA minicamp

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By Ananth Pandian | NBA writer

It looks like Jerry Colangelo’s intuition was correct. According to’s Joe Vardon, LeBron James will be heading to Las Vegas to participate in Team USA’s minicamp. Also according to Yahoo Sports’ Marc Spears, joining James will be Indiana Pacers star Paul George.

George and James will join a large number of other star players like Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony in Vegas. Colangelo wants everyone who has an interest in playing in the 2016 Rio Olympics to attend the minicamp, even if they don’t really participate, which is exactly what James and George are doing.

James has some previous commitments and will leave before the camp concludes, and since George is still recovering from last season’s calf injury is not participating in any on-court activities. But for Colangelo, attendance is basically mandatory so it is imperative for James and George…

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