Meek Mill Is Done

Courtside Cinema

This Drake/Meek Mill beef is over. The reaction time in which Meek has waited and waited and waited to drop any sort of diss track is getting into pathetic territory now. Drake dropped ‘Charged Up’ and ‘Back To Back’ literally 5 days apart. This nonsense feud started 2 weeks ago. All Meek’s done is post corny ass shit like this to Instagram, letting everyone know he’s working on it, or whatever:

Fuck outta here, as Ghostface Killah would say. If you are a rapper who talks shit about another rapper, you have to have a diss track waiting on deck. You can’t just no-show the beef that you yourself started. As I posted before, I felt like Meek has tried to backtrack since calling Drake out on Twitter, and now he’s decided he might drop a verse or two in some century. This has become the ‘Detox’ or Jay Electronica’s…

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