Why Has NFL Attendance Declined by Over 2 Million Fans in the Last 36 Months?

The National Football League is king when it comes to total revenue for a professional sports league; yet they are still losing fan attendance. “Last year, the average NFL game drew just 64,698 fans, the lowest average since 1998.” (Wise 2012) That along with the below table suggests that this drop of fans attending games has been going on for a while. The table shows that in 2011, 20,336,000 fans attended games. Then just 3 years later, that number has dropped by 2,131,000 fans to 18,205,000. So where have all of the fans gone?

2011 2012 2013 2014
Total Number of NFl Fans Attending Games 20,336,000 19,190,000 19,643,000 18,205,000
1 time per/yr. 58 61.5 63.6 56.6
2-3 times/yr. 33.1 27.8 24.6 29.9
4+ times/yr. 9 10.8 11.7 13.5
Source: SBRnet

Online streaming to blame?

Some may think that online streaming is to blame. Due the recent growth in technology in the past decade…

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