Palladino: Sheldon Richardson Can’t Be Trusted, And That’s A Huge Problem For Jets

CBS New York

By Ernie Palladino
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What the Jets lose in talent — as Sheldon Richardson sits out what could be an even more extended suspension — they gain in invaluable knowledge.

Richardson, already on a four-game hook for violating the NFL’s policy on whacky tobacco, could now face further discipline for his mid-July arrest for resisting arrest. So it’s entirely possible Todd Bowles will spend most of the first half of this important rebound season without his Pro Bowl defensive tackle.

But that’s OK. Who needs tackles and sacks? Especially since Richardson has contributed something much more valuable in the past month, namely knowledge. Of all the lecturing going on in the Florham Park meeting rooms, or the barking coming from the staff during drills, Richardson has stood out as this training camp’s professor of life science.

He has taught much. For one thing, he…

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