Australia Reportedly Banned Tyler, The Creator


“You won.”

Australia Reportedly Banned Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, the Creator has a contentious history with Australia that stretches back at least to 2013. At the time, a group called Collective Shout called for the rapper’s visa to be taken away and his shows to be cancelled on the grounds that his lyrics incite hatred against women. Tyler’s never one to back down from a confrontation, and he went after a member of Collective Shout at an Australian show, calling her a “fucking bitch” and a “fucking whore.” She wrote a piece about it in The Guardian.

Earlier this year, Collective Shout organized another campaign to prevent Tyler from entering the country. They addressed a letter to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection suggesting that the rapper is “a danger to a segment of the Australian community.”

According to Tyler’s Twitter, Collective Shout may have succeeded in their mission. He wrote “T is now…

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