Nicki Minaj gets trampled by social media for Meek Mill’s horrible diss record

Atlanta Daily World


Meek Mill has become rap’s radioactive waste, if you listen to the multitude of fans who’ve been talking on social media. What many of them are saying is that Meek’s struggle rap career and industry beef beat-downs are beginning to stain and contaminate the superlative image Nicki Minaj has carefully constructed for herself.


Now fans are turning on the Pink Princess for being connected to such an underwhelming wordsmith who’s supposed return diss to Drake’s volcanic hot smash hit diss tracks, “Back to Back” and “Charge Up” with the seriously suspect track “Wanna Know” had all of the firepower of a wet firecracker.

Translation: a dud of the highest order.


Social media has spent a week feasting on the carcass that is Meek’s rap career. Now, after reducing him to little more than scattered skeletal remains, the masses have turned their attention to Onika Maraj, the Trinidadian temptress who blossomed…

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