Amber Rose “Conversates” With Bash, & Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks About It

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Amber Rose and SebastianAmber Rose has been ?conversating? with her son Sebastian a lot lately.

And after the mom posted an Instagram video featuring the little one using the word while telling Amb what he learned, a lot of people are criticizing her for it. Here?s the thing ? Rose knows ?conversate? is not in Webster?s Dictionary, but considering the fact that people use slang just as much, if not more, than actual English these days, she also figures her 2-year-old son better learn that too.

Amber Rose and Sebastian

Meanwhile, Amber and Bash (her adorable child with ex Wiz Khalifa) were snapped doing some lingerie shopping at Agent Provocateur in L.A.

Amber Rose and Sebastian

You might want to hold off on judging Rose?s parenting skills ? Sebastian can already name the planets and identify types of dinosaurs, so it?s safe to say the kid?s got brains.

We say keep ?conversating,? and keep the Baby Bash videos comin?…they?re on fleek.


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