Smoking Tips & Tricks

Weed Whizz


The “Snap Inhale” is a fairly complicated trick and may take some practice to master. Start by taking a phat (huge) hit from your bong, pipe, or joint. Then, while the smoke is still in your mouth, curl your tongue upwards toward the roof of your mouth. Next, open your lips a bit and snap your tongue down. Finally, let the smoke float out of your mouth for a moment before you quickly inhale. This is one a sweet-looking trick!



This is a very cool technique that will prove you are a pot-smoking pro. Simply take a nice hit and then open your mouth (letting the smoke flow out slowly). Then, lightly inhale that smoke through your nose. If done right, the smoke will gradually flow out of your mouth and directly into your nose.

After the initial awe-inspiring inhale, you can draw the rest of the smoke into your mouth or continue…

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