Mother of officer-involved shooting victim: “It was a case of mistaken identity”

Memphis Police are investigating a man’s death during an officer-involved shooting on Friday night.
Darius Stewart was said to have been shot by an officer during a traffic stop as the officer was allegedly defending himself against Stewart.
The incident happened around midnight at the intersection of Clark and Winchester.
Police told FOX13 that the officer who was making a routine traffic stop noticed a male passenger of that vehicle, later identified as 19-year-old Stewart, allegedly had warrants out for his arrest.
While communicating with dispatch to find out if the warrants were still active, investigators said the officer had Stewart in the back of his cruiser.
The officer told investigators that when he opened the back door of his cruiser to handcuff Stewart, Stewart kicked the door open and attacked the officer.
During the struggle, the officer said Stewart grabbed his handcuffs and struck him with them, so he reached for his gun and shot him.
MFD transported Stewart to Regional One in critical condition, where he later died.

FOX13 spoke to Stewart’s mother, Mary Stewart, later that day. She explained that she believed her son should never have been detained and it was a case of mistaken identity

“[Darius] has been pulled over before on Shelby Drive. like I said, but when they ran his I.D., they said another person had the same name that had warrants. I do not know what the police did this time that was different.” The officer received several bruises and scratches during the incident and was treated at the scene. The officer involved has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of this on-going investigation. Authorities had roads blocked from Hickory Hill to Clark as they investigated the scene into Saturday morning. Stay with FOX13 for the latest on this investigation.

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