Donna Carol’s Hair Studio 

Donna Carol, 23 years of age, is a business owner and CEO of Donna Carol Hair Studio. Donna sells hair and makeup in her salon where she also provides hair services. Donna’s business opened on May 23 of this year where she cut the tape and got right to work. So far, she has some of the best quality hair along with reasonable prices ranging from $55-$95. Now I’m a guy, and if I had to pay for my woman hair I know who I’m “hitting up”. Hair in today’s society is very expensive and good quality is hard to come by, but that’s not a problem according to Ms. Carol. Donna has a pride of content customers that enter and leave the salon on a regular basis. She has a promising future ahead of her as a young business owner and so far everything is spelling S-U-C-C-E-S-S in her eyes.

Donna’s Hair Prices: 

Premium Hair (12-18 inches)  Starts at $55.00

Premium Hair (20-26 inches) Starts at $60.00

Deluxe Hair  Starts at $75 ending in $85-$95

Donna’s business and one of many happy customers below:


Donna Carol Hair Studio believes in bringing out the BEAUTY in YOU! 

Instagram : @donnacarolhairstudio

Online Store:

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