Love And Hip Hop: Dreamville Is The Funniest Thing On The Internet This Week [Watch]

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J.Cole 'What Dreams May Come' Tour - New York, NY Source: Taylor Hill / Getty
J.Cole?s Dreamville label has been seeing one success after another since he released his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album at the end of last year, and next up on the roster is Chi-town signee Omen.

In preparation for Omen?s debut album Elephant Eyes, which has been in the works for some time now, the Dreamville squad has upped the creativity ante yet again with a promo video spoofing one of the most popular reality shows on television.

The promo video features a visibly frustrated Omen who is fed up with the lack of urgency to get his album out on the part of Dreamville president Ibrahim ?IB? Hamad, as well as the lack of support from his other label mates. Things come to a head when Omen decides to confront IB about the delay of the project. See how it all goes…

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