Drake revives the entire Hip Hop genre!

Music Row Girl

There are many people I could point to that have positively affected music…


…but I think we need to pause and hear it for Drake!

Aubrey Drake Graham goes by his middle name “Drake” and has proven to the music industry that he’s not only a staple, but a beacon of hope for other artists to get seen and heard.

He’s been going hard at his craft (working on music) since he was making mixtapes (the Hip Hop equivalent to albums) in ’06 and then in 2009 he made a million dollars off the mixtape So Far Gone. Excuse me, I want you to realize that Drake was an unsigned artist and made $1 Million off a mixtape! That’s way out of left field and unheard of! No marketing team, no social media craze, no nothing! Just simply by word of mouth!

When I look at Drake, I see persistence…

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