Tyler, The Creator Received Ja Rule’s Condom In A New Interview With Nardwuar


While Tyler, the Creator usually never pays anyone serious mind for too long, he gives the Canadian hero Nardwuar his full and undivided attention. The Human Serviette just has that kind of effect on people. In his latest interview with the journalist, Tyler received some very, should we say, unique gifts.

In addition to a number of great records ranging from jazz fusion, hardcore punk, french pop, and hip-hop, Tyler receives a few things on the sexual side. For starters, he gets some bacon lube (ed. WHO WANTS THIS?), and then receives perhaps one of the greatest finds Nardwuar has ever bestowed upon someone: A Ja Rule branded-condom. No one knows why Ja would manufacture protection based on a 2002 mild hit, but it exists. Can we get Ja on the phone. WHERE IS JA?! Still, these are all pretty great gifts.

And for anyone that has a pack of…

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