Sean Hannity Compares Rap Music To Confederate Flag, Wants 50 Cent, Jay Z Albums Banned

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Sean Hannity Source: Getty / Getty

In what can only be described as another low moment for conservative media, Sean Hannity has decided to compare two very different realms — the Confederate flag and hip-hop music.

During his radio show this week, the FOX host touched on the topic of the Confederate flag. Major retailershave vowed to stop selling the flag due to accused Charleston gunman Dylann Roof‘s veneration of the symbol and its connection to racism. Hannity, who says he doesn’t care about the Confederate flag, then suggested that Walmart, Sears, and Amazon should also stop selling hip-hop music.

Why? Because…reaching.

Hannity goes on to generalize hip-hop music, stating that artists like Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and 50 Cent viciously use the n-word and objectify women in their lyrics. You know, the same rappers who in the past have bailed Ferguson protesters out of jail, raised money for inner city children for over a…

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