Kid N’ Play Talk ‘Unsung’ Episode, Being Hip-Hop Pioneers, And 25 Years Of Friendship

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The season finale of Unsung airs tonight and Kid N’ Play are the subject. The legendary hip-hop duo are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their classic movie House Party which also starred then new faces Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell.

Kid N’Play are among the few hip-hop acts that have been on Unsung and as one of hip-hop’s pioneering duos, they had a huge impact on the musical genre. Christopher “Kid” Reid and Chris “Play” Martin have also enjoyed an enduring 25-year friendship. They enjoyed doing the documentary which took them, literally, down memory lane. The two lived around the corner from each other growing up in East Elmhurst, Queens.

“They really put a lot into it. I’m really impressed with a budget. We did a lot of filming in L.A. and then we went to New York and went and visited our old stomping grounds,”…

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