The Late Great Michael Jackson, has made $$2 billion dollars since his death

The One Kemist

Michael Jackson died six years ago today. In the 2,191 days since he overdosed on medicine administered to him by his personal doctor Conrad Murray, Jackson has, in death, generated an almost unimaginable amount ofMONEY for

various corporations, creditors and his reptile-loving children.

According to TMZ, Jackson’s estate has grossed $2 billion since his death,THANKS to the film This Is It, the Cirque Du Soleil show Michael Jackson: The Immortal World and things like album sales, merchandise and… whatever else it is people buy with Michael Jackson’s face on it.

But, as TMZ explains, not all, or really any, of that $2 billion is profit. Here is their breakdown of Jackson’s estate’sFINANCES:

After expenses, that $2 bil gets whittled down to around $800 million — which is a very good return.

But the $800 mil gets significantly cut by taxes … we’re told…

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