Here’s Miley Cyrus And Her Victoria’s Secret Model Girlfriend Making Out For The Paparazzi


Miley Cyrus recently came out as polysexual to the world. She barely gave the press time to calm down from this announcement before dropping another bomb. Miley swiftly introduced her new girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell. The couple reportedly enjoys loads of chemistry, and they decided to show off their hot-and-heavy ways to the paparazzi.

TMZ acquired video footage of Miley and Stella making out on the set of Miley’s new music video. These two weren’t trying to hide their affection at all. On the contrary, the ladies stared straight at the cameras more than once. Miley and Stella knew they were being recorded. Not only did they not mind, they seemed to enjoy putting on a show. Stella even pushed Miley’s hand into the front of her overalls. One thing is certain — these paparazzi had the best evening ever.

(Via TMZ)

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