Former NFL player Robert Jones sues TMZ

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How TV & The Internet Are Converging On TMZ - 2013 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival Source: Bobby Longoria / Getty

The Former 1st round pick in the 1992 NFL draft pick, Robert Jones is suing TMZ for a 2014 article that they put on their website.
The article TMZ did was naming and accusing Jones for hiring a hitman to knock off his agent Jordan Woy, but Woy and Jones both were quick to deny the allegations. They both told papers that they’re “close friends” when they denied it.
The former Pro Bowler, Super Bowl winner and Cowboys player told the The Dallas Morning News that the entire story was “Created by a convicted felon named Theodore Watson.”
The lawsuit also claims that Watson was an “estranged cousin” of Jones and he was in $187,836 when Watson was released from an Ohio prison in 2014. He served time for aggravated arson and insurance fraud.
According to the court docs, after his release, Watson “began harassing…

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