Why The Heck Did Essence Music Festival Cut Missy Elliott’s Performance Short?

Hot 107.5

2015 Essence Music Festival - Day 3 Source: Bennett Raglin / Getty
Missy Elliott is back and with a vengeance! She rocked the Essence Music Festival stage this weekend and reminded us that she?s a musical genius. She performed hit after hit: ?Hot Boys,? ?Minute Man,? ?Work It,? and that?s just a couple. She would have performed more, but Essence cut off her mic and the lights, but why?

In the midst of her performing ?Circles? with surprise guest, Jazmine Sullivan, Missy?s performance was over and the entire audience was like, ?Huh??

When a Coca-Cola ad played, the audience realized that Missy?s set was indeed done. But in the middle of a song? Usher was headlining the Saturday night shows and after he wrapped at 1 a.m., Missy returned to the stage to apologize. ?Don?t say goodnight yet,? she said from the main stage as surprised fans headed toward the exits. ?We had a production issue…

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