U.S.A. Destroys Japan In Women’s World Cup Final

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USA v Japan: Final - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 Source: Kevin C. Cox / Getty
A day after (white) independence day, the U.S. women?s soccer team had to face Japan in the Women?s World Cup Final. It wasn?t much of a match; U.S.A. straight up savaged Japan and won 5-2, paying them back tenfold for its 2011 Final defeat.

U.S.A. was up 4-0 well before the first half was over. Carli Lloyd, now a national hero, was responsible for three of them. Lloyd struck in the third and fifth minute with two short-distance set piece goals. After a Lauren Holiday goal in the 13th minute, Lloyd got her hat trick with a goal that was downright inexcusable for Japan: Lloyd shot one off from midfield and caught the goalkeeper too far out to defend the ball from going to the back of the net.

U.S.A. didn?t even care which net it scored in. Julie Johnston accidentally flicked the ball past…

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