The Book Of Yeezus: ‘The World According To Kanye’ Collects The Best Kanye West Quotes In A Book

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Kanye West Source: Timothy A. Clary / Getty
When you?re one of the most controversial figures in pop culture, you tend to have a lot of quotables. Kanye West has a lot of quotables — more than 10 years worth, to be exact.

Herbert Lui is one of the many aware of this, but he decided to take action. He decided to compile West quotes in an anthology entitled The World According to Kanye. It?s presumably insightful and politically incorrect at once.

Lui, who told Complex that he was inspired by West?s infamous 2013 Zane Lowe interview, preluded that he had positive goals in mind when compiling the book.

“Few people see Kanye beyond the cringeworthy caricature that the media presents him as – despicable, crazy, impulsive, arrogant, and narcissistic,” Lui says in the foreword. “Yet Kanye is also inspiring, innovative, hardworking, insightful, and intelligent. He’s also, at times, surprisingly level-headed…

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