Mimi Faust Wishes She Could Undo Her Sex Tape & The Time She Rekindled With Nikko At The VMAs

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2015 BET Awards - Arrivals Source: Prince Williams / Getty
Mimi Faust needs no introduction. I?m going to assume if you clicked this post you know exactly who the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is. And just in case you don?t, here?s two words for you: shower rod. Mimi Faust became a household name after her sex tape became one of the biggest viral moments of 2014. The intimate video spawned an increase in shower rod sales and made her the most sought-after LHH personality at the time.

Since then, Mimi has had to deal with critics relentless bashing, her boyfriend?s surprise marriage and Stevie J?s new wife Joseline. But the reality star has learned a few things from then to now. In a candid conversation, Mimi revealed, her regrets, how she forgave Stevie J and desperately wanting to break free of the ?Angry Black Woman? mold.

HelloBeautiful: How do you think you?ve been…

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