Is Jason Pierre-Paul’s Fireworks Injury Career-Ending? An Update On His Condition

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New York Giants v St. Louis Rams Source: Michael Thomas / Getty
NY Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered injuries to his hands after a fireworks accident in South Florida. News of his injuries swept social media on Sunday, with wild speculation on the nature and severity. Despite reports that Pierre-Paul?s injuries would potentially end his football career due to the loss of his fingers, sources told ESPN that his injuries are not currently believed to threaten his career.

According the source, Pierre-Paul suffered ?severe burns on his palm and tips of three fingers, and one finger is being tested for nerve damage. Despite social media speculation, he did not lose any fingers, and it doesn?t seem like his injures are career threatening at this time.

What is in jeopardy, however, is Pierre-Paul?s spot on the NY Giants roster next season. Despite having one of his best seasons in 2014, he?s currently not under contract, since his…

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