College Football Star De’Andre Johnson Caught Punching Woman In Face

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Florida State Spring Game Source: Stacy Revere / Stringer / Getty
Today the Florida State Attorney?s Office released footage of college football player De?Andre Johnson punching a woman in the face. Johnson, 19 and a quarterback for Florida State University, is now looking at a misdemeanor battery charge after the confrontation from June 24.

Johnson had turned himself in at Leon County Jail on June 30 after he was slapped for an arrest warrant. He was eventually released on $500 bail last Thursday.

The incident occurred at a bar called Yiannis. The video shows a woman waiting for a drink at the bar. Then the woman claimed she was aggressively pushed by Johnson. After a brief scuffle in self-defense, Johnson punched the woman in the left side of her face, leaving a black eye, a cut near the bridge of her nose, a bruise on her left eye and some swelling on her cheek…

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