Brown Family Banned From Bobbi Kristina’s Room After Photo Leak

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Bobbi Kristina Source: Shareif Ziyadat/ FilmMagic / Getty
Bobby Brown?s family can no longer visit Bobbi Kristina Brown in hospice care after word broke of a photo of her unconscious was being shopped around, according to TMZ. The hospice?s security and Houston family members? think someone from the Brown family took the picture. TMZ reports they may know the predator, but won?t reveal a name.

TMZ originally reported that the photographer was shopping around the photo of Bobbi Kristina to various publications and websites and was selling it to the highest bidder. So far, the picture hasn?t been released.


Bobby Brown Reportedly Files For Guardianship Over Bobbi Kristina’s Estate

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Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Files $40 Million Suit Against Nick Gordon Over Abuse & Theft Claims

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