Bonnaroo 2015 Recap

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The Farm doesn’t let you down. Everyone ventures to Manchester for different reasons: a surreal rat race escape, an inspiring community experience, a neon freakout, an adrenaline-fueled brodown. When the (pixie) dust settled after Bonnaroo 2015, what was left behind was a kaleidoscope of individual experiences that combined into a wild and whimsical whole. One thing, though, connects all things at Bonnaroo: incredible music (honourable mention: scorching heat and ghastly porta-potties).

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of highlights:


The classic pink neon sign glowing over the performance gave the stage a divebar feel, which was just about right. Houndmouth’s roots lie in country-informed Americana, but on this night their sound it was pure booze-soaked throwback rock, complete with a setlist laden with songs about scraping by, being strung out, and running from the law. The guitars ripped, the vocalists howled, and the rowdy southern crowd gobbled it up. The…

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