March Madness…HUAHHHH! Part 1

See How Long This Lasts

It’s March so you know what that means. Yep it’s time for some of you to pray that we see Duke get beat again and this happens…

mercer dance

But seriously it’s time to start scouting so those brackets can get filled out. First off let’s be honest there’s nothing you can do other than guess and hope it all works out. The NCAA Tournament is still a few weeks away but I plan on giving you a few sleepers to look out for leading up to the tournament.

Northern Iowa is the first team I’ll look at and they aren’t really a sleeper this season but to the casual college basketball fan they are. UNI has made 6 NCAA tournament appearances with the most recent in 2010 when they were a 9-seed and reached the Sweet 16 by knocking off UNLV and Kansas before eventually losing to a Final Four team…

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